Shooting Teams Receive Over $1.7 Million in Cash Grants

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Shooting Teams Receive Over $1.7 Million in Cash Grants

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The MidwayUSA Foundation is excited to announce that youth shooting teams across the United States are $1.7 million richer! Our June cash grants are officially paid, and that means 521 youth shooting teams received their annual grant. These cash grants are used to cover the many expenses that come with a shooting team. Teams can use this money to cover competition entry fees, ammunition, targets, travel, and more. The grant is 5% of each team’s total endowment, and it can be drawn once a year in either June or December. With the conclusion of the June grant cycle, the Foundation has paid over $5 million in cash grants to youth shooting teams in 2019. The number of grants and teams receiving them is increasing year after year, and we hope that this trend continues into 2020.

Active contributions to your endowment are essential when drawing annual cash grants. The Matching Program is a great resource to help grow your endowment account. Encourage your family, friends, and community to donate to your endowment online through our website. Online donations are matched and submitting one is easy, just go to our website and select the Donate button. Another resource that teams can use to grow their endowment is the Foundation’s free Fundraising Products. After the fundraiser, teams contribute fundraising product proceeds to their account. Additionally, teams can also keep some cash from the fundraiser for any of their current expenses. For more information or if you have any questions, email us at or leave a comment below.

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