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Industry Leaders Come Together to Feature Makayla Scott

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At MidwayUSA Foundation, we currently fund approximately 2,800 youth shooting teams at the high school and collegiate level. This results in thousands of youth athletes competing in shooting sports across the nation because funding is available.  One of those athletes can be found in the hills of West Virginia breaking clays on a trap field that exists because of her determination and industry leaders believing in her goals.

Makayla Scott wasn’t always so determined.  In and out of foster care at a young age, she struggled to fit in. That changed when she found her forever family in The Scotts and, at the same time, found her passion for pulling the trigger.  Makayla was twelve years old when she joined the local 4-H shotgun team and recalls that life-changing moment.

“There was a wonderful team of coaches that got me behind that shotgun.  As soon as I took that first shot, the first thing I hit…it was like fireworks.”

Fast forward years later and Makayla’s desire to give other youth that same experience led to building a trap field in her own backyard. Appropriately named ‘Field of Dreams,’ Makayla turned this dream into a reality through hard work and the collaboration of three companies.  CZ-USA, maker of quality shotguns, MEC Outdoors, reloading, and thrower giant, and us, MidwayUSA Foundation, teamed up to showcase this impressive young lady and her Field of Dreams in White Sulphur Springs, WV.

“She’s not only going to be able to have a place for her to train and shoot, but she’s going to be able to influence many, many kids,” says Dave Miller of CZ-USA.

CZ-USA and MEC Outdoors both sponsor Makayla.  We are able to assist through annual cash grants that help cover ammo, targets, safety equipment, travel, and more. “While our mission is to help communities raise money for their youth shooting teams, our purpose is to help young people improve their confidence, discipline, and leadership skills through youth shooting sports,” said MidwayUSA Foundation Marketing Manager, Dani Farris.  Makayla is proof of that purpose.

Makayla understands the cost of shotgun sports can deter local youth and their families from trying it, but we can offer those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to be on the team to try the sport.

“I tell kids, you should join our shooting team and hear we don’t have enough money for shells…guess what, you don’t have to,” says Makayla to her peers about the assistance offered through MidwayUSA Foundation.

With funding, shotguns, throwers, and a mentor like Makayla Scott, the youth in West Virginia are thriving and learning about the wonderful opportunities shooting sports can provide.  Stay tuned to hear more about how coming together with industry leaders is the way to invest in the future of the outdoor and shooting industry.

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