Grow Your Endowment With New Team Uniforms!

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Grow Your Endowment With New Team Uniforms!

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The MidwayUSA Foundation has teamed up with Battle Gear to provide an excellent way for youth shooting teams to obtain custom gear and grow their endowment. Battle Gear offers workout apparel, lifestyle apparel, custom fan gear, custom team uniforms, and custom corporate apparel. Their goal with each of their customers is to provide both a superior customer experience with tremendous value. In short, give customers the most bang for their buck! They’ll do this with shooting teams by working closely with coaches and team leaders to turn any idea or vision into a design that the whole team will enjoy. Their art team will provide a design proof that you review, plus, they will continue to work with your shooting team until they have successfully created the design you want. Once you and Battle Gear agree on a design they will open your shooting team’s very own online store, allowing your team members, volunteers, parents, and your community to order.  Items are shipped directly to the customer, so your team leaders do not have to coordinate delivery.

Need an idea for a unique design? Look at the jersey templates Battle Gear has created. The templates might give you an idea of what you’d like to have for your shooting team!


How new uniforms can grow Your Endowment

When youth shooting teams use Battle Gear as their uniform and fan gear provider, 10% of all purchases are donated back to their MidwayUSA Foundation Endowment. Once coaches or team leaders decide on a design, with Battle Gear, they will receive a custom link to their team store. Shooting teams can also request for their store to include a variety of additional gear with their logo and colors. The store can consist of t-shirts, hoodies, sweat pants, scarfs, hats/visors, towels, backpacks, and so much more. Promoting these additional items to your supporters is a great way to fundraise for your team too. Share your team store link with your fans and encourage them to support your team by purchasing custom gear. Having community members support your team through the team store benefits your endowment and provides great advertising for your shooting organization. To see an example of a team store, select the link below. Start creating custom team uniforms and funding your shooting team by contacting Battle Gear at (816) 294-2911 or by emailing

Team Store Example


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