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We have new fundraising products for your shooting team!

Our Fundraising Products page has five new fundraising products that your shooting team can use to conduct fundraisers and grow your team endowment.  These new items now allows teams to choose from eleven different items.  We have a variety of products that include firearms, optics, and knives.  Here are the new products we have available for your team.

Crosman Air Rifle

Henry Golden Boy


Orca 26QT Cooler

Browning Silver Hunter with 50 Browning Knives

All of these products are offered to teams in our endowment program.  Shooting teams have the freedom to choose how they use the products.  Conduct a fundraiser that works best in your community, whether that be a raffle, an event, an auction, or something else that allows you to put these quality products in the hands of team supporters.  Teams can choose more than one item.  It is important to have a plan to ensure your team is able to donate the appropriate funds to your MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment.  Every item has its own fundraising goal, as well as a minimum endowment donation.  That information is listed on the registration paperwork.  Funds donated to your endowment are matched, but always review the details of our Matching Program.

To get started, visit our Fundraising Products page.  Download the registration packet for the item(s) of your choice.  Once your fundraiser is complete, donate the funds with the appropriate check donation form and keep any additional cash for current team expenses.  Our items are a great way to grow your endowment and invest in your team’s future but also provide cash for expenses your team has now.


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