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Green acres sportsman clubGreen Acres Hunt and Tower Shoot

We are very excited to be hosting a Field Hunt & British Tower Shoot at Green Acres Sportsman’s Club. For over 40 years, hunters have traveled to Green Acres to experience the finest pheasant & upland game hunting in Illinois. With its rolling prairie terrain separated by creeks, ponds, and woodlands, the 1,200 acres at the sportsman’s club boasts diverse wildlife habitat, overwhelming beauty, and upland hunting perfection.

On the day of the event (Nov. 19),  attendees will enjoy a full day of clay shooting and pheasant hunting. The day will start with coffee and pastries. Then, the shoot captain will provide a drawing of the pegs, and attendees will warm up with a Prairie Tower shoot of clays. The warm-up will be followed by a British Tower shoot of 150 pheasants. The group will break for a farmhouse lunch at about noon and proceed to a guided field hunt. After shooting activities have concluded, the group will enjoy a buffet-style dinner in the clubhouse and a choice of wines and beers. Attendees are welcome to socialize and network on the patio after dinner. Cigars and drinks will be provided.

Check out this video on Pheasant Hunting at Green Acres Sportsman’s Club!

Green Acres Sportsman's Club: Pheasant Hunting at Green Acres Sportsman's Club