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February Donations Matched

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Constituents receiving donations in the month of February have now received a match for those donations.  Matching totaled $387,730, which benefited 109 shooting teams, 7 agency endowments and 3 donor designated endowments.  This generous match is made possible by Larry and Brenda Potterfield. All year, we’ll match donations 2:1!    Along with matching general donations from your supporters, you can conduct your own fundraisers like a car wash or bake sale and earn a 2:1 match when you donate those proceeds to your endowment.  We also offer free items to use at your fundraisers that also earn a match. That matching level varies based on the item and the size of your donation.  Check out all the items we have available on our fundraising page.  Encourage your community members, family, and friends to donate to your MidwayUSA Foundation endowment to triple their impact!

Here is a list of those that benefiting from February’s match.


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