Earnings Add $2.7 Million to Endowments

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Earnings Add $2.7 Million to Endowments

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Another reason having an endowment with MidwayUSA Foundation is a great thing…earnings!  We have added over $2.7 million thanks to smart investments and the performance of the market.  The large majority, $2,268,024 million, went to youth shooting teams in our Team Endowment Program.  That is a substantial amount of money that cannot be achieved through a normal checking or savings account.  It is a big reason we encourage every youth shooting team to not only have an endowment with us, but to grow that endowment.  By growing your endowment, you’re able to receive a larger amount of these earnings and it gives our Foundation more investing power for future growth.  Organizations that hold an Agency or Donor Designated Endowment with us also saw and increase from our recent earnings contribution.  A total of $374,969 was added to Agency Endowments and Donor Designated Endowments received $102,881.  As a reminder, investments are always tied to the stock market and sometimes that can mean a negative outcome, but our Board of Directors and our Chief Investment Officer, Goldman Sachs, continue to work to make the best decisions to ensure our market strategies are successful ones.


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