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Cash Grants Are Out The Door!

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Youth Shooting Teams

Youth shooting team across the nation have received cash grants to assist with critical expenses through our Team Endowment Program.  The most recent grant cycle awarded 471 youth shooting teams.  The team grant funds, which totaled $2,069,343, assist with ammunition, targets, entry fees, travel, gear, and more. The average payout per team was $4,393.50. Every dollar donated allows more of our youth to be part of a shooting team. Supporting these high school and college athletes is an investment in the future of shooting sports, the outdoors, and even conservation. We want to thank all our supporters, sponsors, and partners. These funds wouldn’t be available to the youth shooting community without you!

Youth Shooting Organizations Also Receive Cash Grants

Just like teams, agency and donor-designated endowments now apply for their grants during the spring and fall grant cycles. These organizations have a mission, or a program, that is youth shooting sports focused. They are key partners in growing youth shooting sports, hosting youth shooting events, providing resources, training coaches, and offering additional support critical to our youth shooting teams. Over $774,203 was awarded to 31 organizations, cumulatively, in our most recent grant cycle. The next cash grant cycle will open October 15.


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