April Matching and Online Donation Drive Winners

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April Matching and Online Donation Drive Winners

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Monthly Matching

April team donations are matched! Although everyone is facing unique and challenging times, the shooting sports community came together and donated $238,063.05 to shooting team endowments last month! A special Thank You to all the donors that supported their favorite shooting team in April. These contributions were matched at $0.73 per dollar. This match benefits 355 youth shooting teams. Any shooting team in our program that received a donation last month also received matching funds. If your shooting team received a $50.00 donation, our Matching Program added an additional $36.50, to bring the total contribution to $86.50. Our Matching Program is one of the quickest and easiest ways to grow your team endowment. Every month, we have $150,000 in matching dollars and the ratio is adjusted at the conclusion of each month. However, in April and September, we have $175,000 in matching dollars to add more benefit to teams AND donors that participate in our Online Donation Drives. In addition to more matching funds, we gave away $25,000 in endowment funds.

Online Donation Drive

The end of April brought an amazing finish to our latest fundraising event for youth shooting teams. Each team that received either an online donation or a Peer-to-Peer donation was entered into our Online Donation Drive. There were 238 shooting teams that qualified for the drive and 5 of those teams won $5,000 in additional endowment funds.  Winners were chosen through the random draw we hosted on May 7th via Facebook. You can find the winning shooting teams below! Thank you to everyone that participated in the Online Donation Drive!  Prepare to compete in our next Online Donation Drive throughout the month of September.
Check out more details on our calendar.

  • North Scott Trap Club – R45710 [IA] – Winning $5,000
  • Lincoln Heritage Pheasants Forever Young Guns – R14743 [IL] – Winning $5,000
  • Genesee Shooters – R49757 [MI] – Winning $5,000
  • Heathwood Hall Highlanders – R10328 [SC] – Winning $5,000
  • Orange Crushers – R6265 [SD] – Winning $5,000

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