Team grants are available to any team with a balance in their Team Endowment. Visit Find Your Account to review your endowment details


Shooting teams  may apply to receive up to 5% of their account balance once per calendar year (i.e. If you apply for a grant in June, you cannot reapply until the following June).  The applications are reviewed and decided upon by the MidwayUSA Foundation Board of Directors at the January and July board meetings.  Generally, June grants are paid in August and December grants are paid in February.  Grant funds can be used for team expenses, such as, ammunition, travel, uniforms, range fees and more but cannot be used for firearm purchases or political lobbying. The MidwayUSA Foundation reserves the right to audit a shooting program's use of grant funds. We accept grant applications, via our grant application process, twice per year.  Still have questions?  See our Grant FAQs.

We just received our first grant and are looking forward to buying some new targets!"

Team Grant Deadlines

June 15th                   
December 15th

Team Grant Forms

Cash Grant Application
Fillable W-9
Team Grant Application and Funding Policy

Submittal Options


Mail:  MidwayUSA Foundation, Inc. - Grant Dept. 
         6001 West Van Horn Tavern Road, Suite C 
         Columbia, Missouri 65203




1. When is my team eligible to receive a grant?  All active teams with an account balance above zero are eligible to apply ONCE PER YEAR. Grant deadlines are December 15 and June 15.  If you’re unsure as to whether or not your team has applied in the past or which cycle your team currently participates, please email

2. Can I apply in June AND December?  No, teams may choose which time of year TO APPLY but cannot apply more than ONCE per year.  

3. If our team is eligible, do we have to apply for a grant?  Teams are not required to apply for a grant but it is strongly encouraged.  

4. How do I receive the grant funds?   Teams must apply via the MidwayUSA Foundation grant application (download above).  Only COMPLETE grant applications submitted by the above deadlines will be reviewed by our Board of Directors for approval.  

5. Why is my team only allowed to pull 5% of my account balance?  In order to provide sustainment funding for the life of your shooting team, it is important to cap the withdrawal at 5%.  It is our hope that teams will only remove interest from their Team Endowment Account, not principal.  This should provide funding for the life of the team.  

6. Are the grant funds restricted in any way?   Yes.  Grant funds may NOT be used to purchase firearms. 

7. Where are the grant funds directed?  Grant funds are directed to the Applicant Organization/Organization Entity/W9 Name listed on the grant application.  We highly recommend teams choose to have their grant funds directly deposited into the appropriately designated account tied to the Applicant Organization. 

8. How long does it take the funds to reach my team?  Grant applications are reviewed by the MidwayUSA Foundation Board of Directors around August and January of each year.  Teams requesting to have the funds direct deposited, which is highly recommended, will receive their funds almost immediately after the corresponding board meetings.  Paper checks will be processed and mailed to teams soon after those meetings. Teams applying in June can plan to receive their funds in August and those applying in December can expect to receive funds in February.  


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