We offer your team free products to use as fundraisers to grow your endowment.

Our fundraising items are a great way to grow your endowment.  We make an effort to acquire unique items to maximize their value to your donors.  The type and quantity of available items does vary, but they are always provided to your team at NO COST.  They can also provide your shooting program with instant operating cash, as well.  Teams and partners may participate in multiple fundraisers, each year, and may conduct them any way they choose within local, state, and federal guidelines, when they choose.  All funds returned to your MidwayUSA Foundation Endowment Account are matched!  The level of that match varies by item and the contribution made to your endowment. Review each item to see how you can earn a 2:1 match.  

Register for the item(s) you wish by completing the Letter of Intent (LOI) for that item(s) and sending it back to  We'll confirm your registration and send you the item(s).  Quantities are limited.  

Conducting a past fundraiser?  Choose the designated check donation form on the left and return it with funds to your endowment account to be matched.  


we registered for one of everything and hope to take our endowment from zero to over $30,000 before the next grant cycle!  

Savage Rifle with Scope:  Register Now

The Savage XP Rifle is available to shooting teams, free of charge, to grow their MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment.  This rifle includes a Weaver Scope, synthetic stock, carbon steel barrel in a matte finish, and is made in the U.S.A.  Once teams register for the Savage Rifle, we'll ship the item to them.  We encourage teams to raise as much as they can and then donate $1,600 to their endowment for a 2:1 match through the end of 2017.  This item can grow an endowment by $4,800.  Review more specs and register with our registration packet.  Email completed paperwork and questions to

Browning Knife/Light Combo:  Register Now

This is a great fundraising item for shooting teams that are just starting out, are new to fundraising, or teams that want additional items to put with larger items.  Teams that register for the Browning Knife/Light Combo will receive 10 of the combos in an exclusive presentation tin free of charge. The registration packet gives details about the knife and light. Raise and donate $400 or more to your Team Endowment and we'll match that 2:1 through 2017. Our 2:1 match gives you the chance to grow your endowment by $1,200.  Complete the registration packet and email us at  We'll ship the 10 Browning Knife/Light Combos to you and your team can conduct the fundraiser however you choose. 


Browning BT99:  Register Now

Wow!  Talk about exclusive!  Register for this fundraiser and we'll send you the Browning BT99 at no cost. This unique shotgun is sure to get the attention of your supporters.  You can conduct the fundraiser however you wish.  Raise and donate $4,000 to your Team Endowment and we'll match that 2:1 (through 2017)...growing your Team Endowment by $12,000!  This firearm has a red, white, and blue laminate is 12 gauge single shot and weighs approximately 8lbs with a 34" barrel.  Register today by completing the registration packet or send us your questions at


Pilla Shooting GlassesRegister Now

The Pilla Shooting Glasses fundraiser comes with TWO PAIR of top quality Pilla Shooting Glasses, each with a case.  They retail for $500 per pair.  If you receive this fundraiser and donate $1,000 to your Team Endowment, we'll add $2,000 with our 2:1 match (through 2017)...growing your Team Endowment by $3,000!  Review more details about the glasses and register with the registration packet.  If you have additional questions about this fundraiser or are ready to receive the glasses, email     

Leupold BinocularsRegister Now

When you register for this FREE fundraising item, you'll receive one pair of Leupold BX-2 Acadia 10x50 Binos.  The registration packet can give you all the details about these high end optics.  Complete and submit the Letter of Intent, then we'll ship the binoculars to you at no cost.  Conduct your fundraiser, however you wish, then donate proceeds to your Team Endowment to be matched.  Raise and donate $800 to your Team Endowment and we will match that 2:1 (through 2017), growing your endowment by $2,400.  Email your completed registration packet to

Winchester SX3: Register Now

This 12 gauge Winchester SX3 is the ultimate sporting autoloader shotgun with satin oil finish, grade II/III walnut, adjustable comb, sporting choke tube package, and a red stylized ergonomic operating hardware.  It was also 2016 OutdoorLife Gun & Optics Test - Editor's Choice.  This shotgun retails for $2,000 but is free to our participating organizations and ALL funds donated to a MidwayUSA Foundation Endowment will be matched. Earn a 2:1 match, through the end of 2017, by contributing the recommended donation to a MidwayUSA Foundation Endowment.  Raise and donate $4,000, then we'll add $8,000...growing your endowment by $12,000!  To register, complete the registration packet and return it to

SKB 90TSS:  Register Now 

The SKB 90TSS is available to you, FREE OF CHARGE, to raise money for your shooting program.  This over and under shotgun features an adjustable length of pull and buttstock to adjust to fit any shooter.  The firearm retails for $1,800 and funds donated to your MidwayUSA Foundation endowment have the opportunity to earn a 2:1 match through the end of 2017.  Raise and donate $4,000 or more, and receive a 2:1 match...growing your endowment by $12,000.  Donate less and you will still receive a 1:1 match.  Register today or contact us with more questions at


Fundraising FAQs

1. Does it cost to participate? No. Our fundraising items are FREE to our participating programs.  There is no cost associated.   

2.  Do we have to have an account balance to participate?  No, we offer our items to help organizations grow their endowment.  As soon as your account is active, you can register for any of our available fundraising items. 

3.  Do we have to raise and contribute a specific amount of funds?  Our items are offered to help you grow your endowment so each item has a recommended donation attached.  If you raise and contribute that recommended donation to your endowment, funds are matched 2:1.  All funds below that recommended donation are matched 1:1.  All item details vary, please see the Letter of Intent for each item. 

4.  What if we raise and contribute more than the recommended donation, is that ALL matched?  Yes.  In 2017, contributing the recommended donation, or more, for an item will earn you a 2:1 match.  

5.  What if we cannot conduct raffles in our state or community?  No problem.  We give you the freedom to conduct the fundraisers however you choose.  You are NOT required to do a raffle.  We are happy to offer our logo and graphics of the items for your use.  

6.  Can we request more than one item?  Yes, you can receive multiple items if you meet the requirements outlined in the Letter of Intent (LOI) & items are available.

7.  What is an FFL?  A current Federal Firearms License (FFL/ATF8) is required if our fundraiser includes a firearm(s). Firearms must be shipped to the premises address listed on the ATF8 form.

8.  MidwayUSA holds my ATF8 form, will that work?  No, we operate completely separate from the online retailer, thus not sharing documentation.

9.  Do we have to be a 501(c)(3)? No, endowments & fundraising items are available to those with a complete IRS Form W9.

10.  My fundraiser is complete, how do I contribute funds to my endowment?  When your fundraiser has concluded, please choose the check donation form(s) that corresponds with your item(s) - see left.  Complete that form and send it, along with your funds, to us.

11.  Is there a deadline to complete our fundraiser?  No, there is no deadline to complete a your fundraiser but we do encourage you to complete your fundraiser within 9 months of registration.  



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