Matching Adds Over $3.3 Million To Endowments

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Matching Adds Over $3.3 Million To Endowments

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In January, we rolled out a 2:1 Matching Program and that program has seen tremendous success. Because of this program and the generosity of Larry and Brenda Potterfield, we have added added over $3.3 Million to endowments in just seven months!  There is no doubt that is making an impact on youth shooting teams across the country.  Teams, volunteers, and generous donors are to thank also.  We know many of you are out there conducting fundraisers and asking people to support your team.  That’s hard work!  All of that effort shows in these large matching dollars.  In July, the matching dollars totaled $412,110 and benefited over 150 shooting programs.  Review the full list of matching dollar recipients.  Share this great news with people involved with your team or community members that might not know about shooting sports and let’s work together to make the second half of 2017 even bigger!


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