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2020 Matching Program

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Happy New Year! It is officially time to announce our 2020 Matching Program.

Throughout 2019 we had $120,000 each month to match team donations. In 2020, the MidwayUSA Foundation will have $150,000, each month, to match donations to team endowments! But there’s more! The months of April and September will have increased matching in coordination with Online Donation Drives.  In addition to $175,000 in monthly matching, those fundraising events will offer additional endowment dollars to shooting teams that receive the most donations. Watch for more details in the coming months. We hope that these additional dollars will encourage the shooting community to support their favorite shooting team. Once again, every shooting team that receives a gift or contributes to their MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment will earn a match in 2020. The ratio of that match will vary based on the number of total contribution dollars received for youth shooting teams in that month. In 2019 we matched over $1.97 million in donations, and we plan to surpass that in 2020.

Larry and Brenda Potterfield generously provide every matching dollar, so a Matching Program won’t always be guaranteed. This means every shooting team should take advantage of this great opportunity. The program is proof that the Potterfield Family is committed to the mission of the MidwayUSA Foundation and ensuring both the youth of today and tomorrow have the opportunity to be part of a shooting team. As a reminder, every team that has an endowment with us can receive online donations right through our website. Donors search for their desired team, and 100% of their contribution and the match does benefit that team. You can start a donation to your favorite shooting team with the link below.

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