$2.4 Million Going To Youth Shooting Teams!

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$2.4 Million Going To Youth Shooting Teams!

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Cash Grants Are Paid!

There’s no better way to celebrate National Shooting Sports Month than announcing that team cash grants have been paid! Youth shooting teams all over the country have now received their annual cash grant. Our recent grant payout was $2,425,724, and these funds benefit 547 youth shooting teams. Although these programs may participate in different shooting disciplines, such as trap, air rifle, or even rimfire pistol, something they all have in common is the many expenses associated with shooting sports. Ammo, targets, entry fees, travel, etc. add up, and without these grants, many wouldn’t be able to participate. With this newest grant cycle in the books, we have now paid over $6.5 million dollars in team cash grants in 2022 alone. These funds will impact 54,026 youth shooters or 1,379 teams! This year our average team cash grant was $4,747 per team, which is the largest we’ve ever had. That means more funds are getting to these teams, which will allow them to create more opportunities for their athletes!

Team Endowment Program

It’s important that every young athlete has the opportunity to join a shooting team. We believe that shooting sports builds confidence, teaches discipline, and teaches responsibility, and these skills will help shooters in all aspects of life. Our Team Endowment Program is crucial to the growth of youth shooting sports in our nation. About 2,800 youth shooting teams have a team endowment with us. Each of these teams can receive donations to their endowment directly through our website. As their endowment grows, so too does their annual cash grant! Teams receives 5% of their endowment through a cash grant every year, forever. Help shooting sports grow in your area by heading to midwayusafoundation.org/find-team-fund-team/ and searching for a local team to support.

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