$1.5 Million Heading To Youth Shooting Teams

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$1.5 Million Heading To Youth Shooting Teams

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June Grant Cycle

This month is National Shooting Sports Month and there’s no better way to kick it off than money in the pockets of youth shooting teams. June grant applications have been reviewed, approved, and now cash is on the way to 442 youth shooting teams across the country! To see all the teams that received a cash grant from our June Grant Cycle, Click Here. These funds are critical in investing in the future of the outdoor industry and directly support the MidwayUSA Foundation’s goal of changing the future of youth shooting sports. Cash grants assist teams with a variety of expenses such as travel, ammo, equipment, operations, and so much more.

Youth shooting teams applying for MidwayUSA Foundation cash grants in June reported having nearly $10 million in team expenses. The expenses that teams spent the most dollars on included ammunition [$1.9 million], travel [$1.6 million], entry fees [$1.4 million], and targets [$1.1 million]. Anyone with a passion for the outdoors can invest in the future of the industry by donating to a team endowment of their choice.  Every donation grows that team’s annual cash grant, which helps with these expenses.

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Fundraising Products

In addition to cash grants, the MidwayUSA Foundation offers participating teams and organizations product grants to grow their endowment. These are free products, ranging from firearms to optics that shooting programs can use to conduct a fundraiser however they choose. Additionally, all proceeds from those fundraisers, as well as general donations, are matched through the MidwayUSA Foundation Matching Program, funded by Larry and Brenda Potterfield, owners of MidwayUSA. Qualifying teams are eligible to apply for a cash grant once per year in either June or December.


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