fundraising FAQs

Please review our frequently asked questions about our FREE fundraising items. 


1. How much does it cost to participate?  Our fundraising items are FREE to our active shooting teams and partners.  There is no cost associated.   

2.  Do we have to have an account balance to participate?  No, we offer our items to help teams grow their account.  As soon as your account is active, you can register for a fundraising item. 

3.  How much money do we have to raise?  All item details vary, please see the Letter of Intent for each item to review the expected funds to be returned to your endowment account. 

4.  What if we send back more than the minimum requirement, is that all matched?  Yes, we currently match every dollar sent back to your endowment account.

5.  What if we cannot conduct raffles in our state or community?  No problem, we give you the freedom to conduct the fundraisers however you wish.  You are NOT required to do a raffle.  We are happy to offer our logo and graphics of our items for your use.  

6.  Can we request more than one promotion?  Yes, you can receive multiple items if you meet the requirements outlined in the Letter of Intent (LOI) & items are available.

7.  What is an FFL?  A current Federal Firearms License (FFL/ATF8) is required if our fundraiser includes a firearm(s). Firearms must be shipped to the premises address listed on the ATF8 form.

8.  MidwayUSA holds my ATF8 form, will that work?  No, we operate completely separate from the online retailer, thus not sharing documentation.

9.  Do we have to be a 501(c)(3)? No, endowments & fundraising items are available to those with a complete IRS Form W9.

10.  How do I send funds back to our account?  When your fundraiser has concluded, please send us the funds, as well as a completed check donation form, that includes which item(s) was utilized to generate those funds.   

11.  I see a matching deadline, does this mean my fundraiser has to be complete by this date?  No, there is no deadline to complete a fundraiser.  



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