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Team Feature: Central Arizona Target Shooters

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COMMUNITY PRIDE and consistency

The Central Arizona Target Shooters (CATS) is a MidwayUSA Foundation rockstar team, and their endowment balance proves that.  This Eloy, Arizona team has $243,811 in their MidwayUSA Foundation team endowment, receiving over $12,000 in cash grant funds every year…forever!  The dollars have added up because of consistent fundraising, strong community support, and taking full advantage of the resources MidwayUSA Foundation offers to assist teams with fundraising.  Product grants (free fundraising products) is one of those programs.  Using these items has resulted in multiple months of five-figure donations.  One month, the team added $8,500 to their team endowment, and another month they donated over $13,000 by using several free fundraising products!  Those hard-earned dollars were also matched through our Matching Program, funded by Larry and Brenda Potterfield.

When asked about the success of growing the endowment, Coach Rodney Shedd said,

“We were able to contribute $8,500 to our endowment in one month because of hard work from our members, selling raffle tickets for prizes offered to us for free from the MidwayUSA Foundation. In addition, some just went out and beat the bushes for $5 donations.”

However, this team’s success didn’t just happen overnight. Coach Rodney added, “The community, our coaches, parents, and members work hard all year long and are very proud of our club!”  In the past three years, Central Arizona Target Shooters, along with MidwayUSA Foundation’s Matching Program and free fundraising products, have added over $40,000 to their endowment.  These funds will provide a cash grant for athletes on the team now and in years to come.

Teams in our Team Endowment Program instill lifelong habits of gun safety and fundamentals that enable multigenerational participation in shooting sports for years to come. This dedication to safety and commitment to the sport has also allowed the CATS team to gain the attention and financial support of many Veteran organizations around the community…making every fundraiser that much more successful.

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For California Residents:  Due to California Bill AB2571, which targets the advertising or marketing of firearms-related products to minors (under the age of 18) in the state of California, MidwayUSA Foundation is only able to provide limited fundraising and administrative support to endowed youth shooting teams and organizations in that state.  As you know, MidwayUSA Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable and educational organization that is not engaged in the sale of actual firearm-related products.  Our programs specifically educate youth on safe usage of firearms and firearm-related products.  Unfortunately, given this law, product grants, in-state events, sweepstakes participation, some news and some marketing updates (direct mail or email), etc. must be suspended until further notice.  Please reach out to your program manager with questions.  Thank you for your understanding.

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