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MidwayUSA Foundation has partnered with USA Shooting for the Raise the Flag in 2020 campaign.  Thanks to this partnership, purchases made will benefit your Team, Agency, or Donor Designated endowment, as well as support our U.S.A. Olympic shooters.

USA Shooting, the shooting sports arm of U.S. Olympic sports, only receives 15% of its funding from the U.S. Olympic Committee.  That means 85% of the required funding must be raised to send our shooting sports athletes to various qualification competitions and ultimately the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Help fund our athletes and show your Olympic shooting pride by purchasing “Raise the Flag in 2020” apparel from USA Shooting.

20% of your order is donated by USA Shooting to the endowment account noted

Additionally, the donation is matched through our Matching Program. Purchase for yourself, or send the link to your family and friends. Remember to include your Endowment ID(e.g., R1234, OP1234, DE1234) when sharing with your community to ensure your team receives a donation from each purchase.

Remember, you must enter your Endowment ID with each order to get credit. If you don’t know your Team Endowment ID, look it up by clicking Here. To find an Agency Endowment ID click Here, or Donor Designated IDs click Here.

Thank you for supporting MidwayUSA Foundation Endowments and USA Shooting. Together, we are changing the future of youth shooting sports!

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