Youth Shooting Sports Alliance | Elkhorn, NE

Endowed since 2013 | Endowment ID: OP4544

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About Youth Shooting Sports Alliance: YSSA is a national nonprofit providing safe and reliable equipment on loan to youth organizations that promote safe and ethical shooting and hunting practices. YSSA also donates ear and eye protection, and soft goods, for shooting and archery programs.

Endowment Contact(s)
Lorraine Hellinghausen - President
Cynthia Flannigan - Executive Director

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Donor List

Platinum: $10,000 and above

Larry & Brenda Potterfield
Youth Shooting Sports Alliance
Larry & Brenda Potterfield Matching Program
Cynthia Flannigan

Gold: $5,000 - $9,999

Red Tail LLC

Silver: $2,500 - $4,999

Lorraine Hellinghausen

Up to $1,000

Centerburg Youth Shooting Sports
Jon Zinnel
Georgia Youth Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc.
Richard Placzek
Robert Swanson
Beth Merkle
Scott Rothenberg
Patrick McDonald
Shirley Steffen
Anonymous Donor