MidwayUSA Foundation promotions are a great way to grow your Team Endowment Account and many can offer you the chance to earn instant operating cash too.  When you register for a promotion, we send you the item(s) FREE OF CHARGE and you conduct the fundraiser any way you choose.  Next, send back the required proceeds to your account and we'll match it!* When sending back funds, use our check donation form.

                                                                   SKB RS300 -  3:1 Match!

This promotion features a SKB RS300 Shotgun with an adjustable comb and length of pull.  Register for this promotion and receive the item free of charge to use as a team fundraiser.  Conduct the fundraiser anyway you wish.  The shotgun will ship directly from SKB to your FFL and when you send back the required funds to your Team Endowment Account it will be matched 3:1.  See more details here.  

                     Browning Knife Set     3:1 Match!

Register for this promotion and receive fifty [50] Browning knife sets, free of charge, to use as your team fundraiser.  Each set is packaged in a black sheath with a MidwayUSA Foundation logo.  We'll send you one box of fifty [50] knife sets, you use them to raise money for your team and return the required amount back to your Team Endowment Account for a 3:1 match!  See more details here and register here. **Image may not be exact product.

Download a poster to use for your fundraiser!  The poster is 11x17 so it is best to send it to your local printer by emailing it or saving it to a USB thumb drive and taking it to your printer.  You can also direct the printer to this page!  



  Currently Unavailable!    

Zeiss Binoculars    3:1 Match!    

This promotion is currently unavailable, check back for additional opportunities.  Our latest promotion offers each participating team a set of Zeiss Terra 10x42 binoculars.  Simply register for the promotion by filling out the Letter of Intent (LOI) and we'll send you the binoculars for free!  Next, use the item however you wish to raise money for your team and return the required funds back to your Team Endowment Account for a 3:1 match!  Learn more here.  

Download a poster to use for your fundraiser!  The poster is 11x17 so it is best to send it to your local printer by emailing it or saving it to a USB thumb drive and taking it to your printer.  You can also direct the printer to this page! 


Revised Logo-without white Constituent Challenge

Each month, winning teams (our constituents) will be based on those receiving the largest total deposit(s) into their MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment Account.  The new and improved Constituent Challenge will reward at least 3 winners! In the event of a tie, tying teams will split the available prize money evenly.  Ask friends, family, local businesses, alumni and others to donate to your team. Remind them that 100% of their donation will go into YOUR Team Endowment Account and we'll match it 2:1...that triples their money! **See guidelines here

1st Place Team:  $15,000   2nd Place Team:  $10,000    3rd Place Team:  $5,000



     The Browning Incentive

Each year, Browning makes a substantial donation to support youth shooting...why not your team?
The Browning Incentive will be available to teams that participate in our Browning Silver Sporting Promotion.  At the conclusion of the promotion (November 30, 2014) winners will be selected based on dollars sent back to their Endowment Account, as a direct result of the promotion.  The top three teams raising the largest amount of money will earn additional funds from Browning.  **Eligible only to teams participating in our Silver Sporting Promotion. See full contest rules here.**

2014 PromoBrowning Silver Sporting

This promotion is no longer available but check back for new firearm promotions.  If you are currently participating in this promotion, you are required to send back $1,500 for option one and $2,400 for option two.  When returning funds, please make sure a check donation form is sent with your funds and you have indicated the money is from the 'Silver Sporting Promotion: Option 1 or 2.'




Promotional FAQs

1. Does it cost to participate?  
No, you fill out the appropriate paper work & we give you the promotional items FREE of charge.

2. How much money do we have to raise?

All promotional details vary, please see the Letter of Intent. 

3. What if we send back more than the minimum requirement, is that all matched?
Yes, we currently match every dollar sent back from a promotion.
4. What if we cannot conduct raffles in our state or community?
No problem, we give you the freedom to conduct the fundraisers however you wish.  You are NOT required to do a raffle& we      do not supply fundraising material.  We are happy to offer our logo & item pictures for your use.  

5. Can we request more than one package? 
Yes, you can receive multiple packages if you meet the requirements outlined in the Letter of Intent (LOI) & items are available.

6. What is a FFL?
A current Federal Firearms License (FFL/ATF8) is required if our promotion includes a firearm(s). Firearms must be shipped to the premises address listed on the ATF8 form. MidwayUSA holds my ATF8 form, will that work?  No. While we are affiliated with MidwayUSA, we operate completely separate from the online retailer, thus not sharing documents.  

7. Do we have to be a 501(c)(3)?
No, endowments & promotional items are available to those with a complete IRS Form W9.



**Matching rates end 11.30.14 unless otherwise announced. 


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